Note: Support for users and the general public in this system is provided within 24 hours at most, so be patient to receive a response.

MetaTrigger Support Center

Metatrigger’s support and response section is set up to answer questions, problems, suggestions, complaints, etc. and can be used by the general public. Note that all support and response steps are done online through this system. In order to register a support request, you must observe some points so that we can respond to you as soon as possible .

A large amount of requests are sent to us daily and we will do our best to respond to you in less than a few hours. It is necessary to note that the response process takes up to 24 hours and we ask you to be patient.

Contact Metatrigger

Our way of communicating with you is only through email or the contact number included in the application registration form. It is necessary to be very careful about the correctness of the e-mail address and phone number entered in the form, otherwise any request sent by you will be rejected.

Items that will be answered in the support system

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